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Peri-Natal Hospice

What is Perinatal Hospice?

Perinatal hospice is an innovative and compassionate model of support for parents who have received a prenatal diagnosis indicating their baby has a life-limiting condition and might die before or shortly after birth. As prenatal testing continues to advance, more families are finding themselves in this heartbreaking situation. Perinatal hospice provides specialized support from the time of diagnosis through the baby’s birth and potential death. Perinatal care helps parents embrace the life of their baby, before and after birth.

Who is eligible for perinatal hospice?

Any woman who receives a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis from a medical provider is eligible for perinatal hospice. Extended family members and support people are also welcome and encouraged to attend appointments.

Services Provided:

  • Regular ultrasounds for family bonding

  • Emotional support in a loving and sensitive environment

  • Regular baby pictures and gifts to promote ongoing celebration of life

  • Memory books and photos to create lasting memories of the child

  • Counseling services available during and after birth, if desired

Is there a cost?

Perinatal hospice services are provided completely free of cost.

What is our goal?

To celebrate the LIFE of baby at every visit.

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