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After- Abortion Assessment

Helping women assess emotionally and physically after an abortion.

After abortion Assessments

An after-abortion assessment helps detect potential complications that could negatively impact your current health or future fertility. Every woman who has an abortion needs to have follow up.

You will meet with one of our staff nurses at your assessment appointment.

This includes:

  1. A medical history

  2. Checking of vital signs

  3. Finger stick to measure hemoglobin level (to evaluate blood loss)

  4. Pregnancy test to determine if HCG (pregnancy hormone) is still present in your body

  5. Emotional assessment

  6. Medical and Community referrals, as needed

What to Expect

Your privacy and comfort are very important to us. We recognize that everyone responds differently after an abortion and we ensure you will be met with compassion and support no matter what.


Once your medical assessment is complete, we can talk about your experience and provide additional ongoing counseling if you prefer. Contact us today to get started. All calls, messages and appointments are confidential.

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